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Offshore Wind Potential By Country

The Global Wind Energy Council has some nice data on offshore wind potential by country. But unfortunately it's all in a load of PDFs and not that easy to really access. So I put it all into a Google Sheet along with population and derived per-capita data for convenience. And I've also reproduced it here:

Offshore wind potentialPer capita offshore wind potential
Australia1,572 GW3,391 GW4,963 GW25,959,75060.6 kW130.6 kW191.2 kW
Bahrain1 GW0 GW1 GW1,501,6350.7 kW0 kW0.7 kW
Belgium14 GW0 GW14 GW11,671,7371.2 kW0 kW1.2 kW
Canada2,039 GW7,282 GW9,321 GW38,926,37852.4 kW187.1 kW239.5 kW
Channel Islands21 GW34 GW55 GW171,810122.2 kW197.9 kW320.1 kW
Croatia4 GW13 GW17 GW3,888,5291 kW3.3 kW4.4 kW
Cuba41 GW46 GW87 GW11,113,2153.7 kW4.1 kW7.8 kW
Cyprus0 GW0 GW0 GW1,570,1880 kW0 kW0 kW
Denmark270 GW69 GW339 GW5,910,57745.7 kW11.7 kW57.4 kW
Estonia76 GW64 GW140 GW1,331,79657.1 kW48.1 kW105.1 kW
Finland170 GW132 GW302 GW5,522,13530.8 kW23.9 kW54.7 kW
France169 GW454 GW623 GW65,707,0002.6 kW6.9 kW9.5 kW
Germany203 GW0 GW203 GW83,695,4302.4 kW0 kW2.4 kW
Greece10 GW413 GW423 GW10,432,4811 kW39.6 kW40.5 kW
Greenland85 GW1,193 GW1,278 GW56,5621,502.8 kW21,091.9 kW22,594.7 kW
Iceland54 GW793 GW847 GW381,370141.6 kW2,079.3 kW2,220.9 kW
Iran1 GW0 GW1 GW85,745,5210 kW0 kW0 kW
Ireland51 GW553 GW604 GW5,123,53610 kW107.9 kW117.9 kW
Isle of Man7 GW2 GW9 GW84,06983.3 kW23.8 kW107.1 kW
Italy6 GW183 GW189 GW58,875,3480.1 kW3.1 kW3.2 kW
Japan122 GW1,775 GW1,897 GW125,927,9021 kW14.1 kW15.1 kW
Kuwait9 GW0 GW9 GW4,670,7131.9 kW0 kW1.9 kW
Latvia59 GW53 GW112 GW1,893,40031.2 kW28 kW59.2 kW
Lithuania13 GW14 GW27 GW2,830,0974.6 kW4.9 kW9.5 kW
Malta0 GW25 GW25 GW519,5620 kW48.1 kW48.1 kW
Montenegro0 GW1 GW1 GW621,3060 kW1.6 kW1.6 kW
Netherlands211 GW0 GW211 GW17,738,96011.9 kW0 kW11.9 kW
New Zealand148 GW2,104 GW2,252 GW5,127,90428.9 kW410.3 kW439.2 kW
North Korea46 GW33 GW79 GW25,660,0001.8 kW1.3 kW3.1 kW
Norway60 GW1,416 GW1,476 GW5,455,58211 kW259.6 kW270.5 kW
Oman61 GW118 GW179 GW4,527,44613.5 kW26.1 kW39.5 kW
Panama9 GW3 GW12 GW4,278,5002.1 kW0.7 kW2.8 kW
Portugal14 GW117 GW131 GW10,344,8021.4 kW11.3 kW12.7 kW
Qatar0 GW0 GW0 GW2,799,2020 kW0 kW0 kW
Russia5,558 GW7,815 GW13,373 GW145,100,00038.3 kW53.9 kW92.2 kW
Saudi Arabia28 GW78 GW106 GW35,013,4140.8 kW2.2 kW3 kW
South Korea78 GW546 GW624 GW51,638,8091.5 kW10.6 kW12.1 kW
Spain12 GW207 GW219 GW47,432,8050.3 kW4.4 kW4.6 kW
Sweden228 GW360 GW588 GW10,487,85921.7 kW34.3 kW56.1 kW
Taiwan67 GW427 GW494 GW23,375,3142.9 kW18.3 kW21.1 kW
United Kingdom439 GW1,361 GW1,800 GW67,081,2346.5 kW20.3 kW26.8 kW
United States2,472 GW2,787 GW5,259 GW333,058,7247.4 kW8.4 kW15.8 kW

For some context here's how much power a few countries use per capita, according to Our World in Data:

  • United States - 8.74kW
  • Germany - 4.8kW
  • Thailand - 0.34kW
  • India - 0.78kW
  • Ethiopia - 0.11kW