Hi, I'm Tony. I'm a full stack web developer from London. I am currently the lead developer at Heads&Heads. I have a front end focus and usually use JavaScript (or TypeScript) with React when I want to get things done. When I'm not in a hurry I enjoy playing around with more functional languages (Haskell, Elm, Clojure etc.) and whatever the new hotness is in the frontend world. When I'm not programming I enjoy reading, cooking, climbing, and running. Check out some of my more recent projects below...

Scafell screenshot


Scafell is like Codepen or JSFiddle for the desktop, it hasn't yet been released but I've linked a demo video below. It allows you to edit HTML, CSS and JavaScript and runs a server on localhost that compiles your code and serves it as a web page. As you type your code and undo history are saved and open browser windows are updated using WebSockets. It is built with Electron, React, Redux, CodeMirror and Express .

Meridian screenshot


Meridian uses timelines to show the time in any of a number of timezones at the same time. I initially made it as a way to easily calculate and visualise the duration of a journey that happens across multiple timezones. It's made with TypeScript and React and uses Cordova for the Android app.

BIDE screenshot


Bide is an "IDE" for bookmarklets. It takes your JavaScript, compiles and minifies it using Babel, and injects it into a bookmarklet on the page, which you can then drag to your bookmarklets bar and run anywhere. It is made using React and uses CodeMirror as the editor.

Sayable screenshot


You can submit any URL to Sayable and it will return a three word phrase that you can use to retrieve the URL from anywhere! You just have to go back to Sayable on any device and enter the same three word phrase again. Sayable is made using Express and MongoDB on the back end and vanilla JavaScript on the front end, it uses a custom script to inline almost all assets into one request.